You know that being online is the only way to keep getting more clients and that there is potential to get them from all over the world...

This page is Amazing

But you have so many questions!

And there are so many choices and experts vying for your attention! 
It’s enough to make your pretty little head spin!

You know you need to do more to put yourself out there and still have time to do what you do best – transform your clients' lives!

Bottom line is you want to impact more lives and make more money doing what you love so you need someone to help you with the tech and marketing to do it! 

Introducing the

VIP Tech Express Concierge Program build and implement all the pieces of tech you need to market, attract, and sell your coaching, products and programs



for massive







  • Which platforms you need to keep your online presence and marketing awesome and working 
  • Which email marketing system (Mailchimp? ConvertKit? A Weber? Infusionsoft? Ack!) is best for you now and will it still be good later
  • How to even use any of these pieces of tech without your head exploding
  • What social media strategies and platforms are even worth your time and whether you should be on just one or all of them (Tik Tok – ummmm? LinkedIn? Facebook? Instagram? YouTube? So many!)
  • What the heck a funnel (it’s the cake at the carnival, right?) even is even though everyone says you have to have it
  • Having enough time to even learn all the things you’re supposed to be doing just so you can actually connect with your clients
  • Truckloads of strategies that claim to be the miracle you need
  • Plus, many more micro problems that can happen as a result of learning and doing all the things at once


  • An easy to implement marketing strategy that you can repeat (I mean, duh, right?!) 
  • More clients (yasssss!!!)
  • More money (bring it baby!)
  • More time to help your clients instead of fiddling with everything on the backend (that sounds a little inappropriate! 😉) 
  • AND more time to live the life of your dreams (cue your slow-mo, running in the field, and spinning around moment – freedom!)
  • Systems to keep it all organized and streamlined so you your brain doesn’t break
  • More control over your schedule
  • To make a bigger impact on your clients’ lives and the world

You need the
1-on-1 VIP Tech Express Concierge Program

Working together, we will transform your consulting, coaching or healing practice into a scalable, dynamic, global online business using my proven MAGIC method.

What's included


Together we will develop a rockin’ and badass marketing strategy and overall plan for everything you need to be fully online in every way, tailored specifically for your business and goals.


Weekly calls and unlimited correspondence via Slack.


100% of your tech will be built out and configured for you.

This is for you if...

  • You want to save your precious time for serving your clients instead of becoming a marketing and tech expert by default and osmosis
  • You want to get ‘er done and now – no more time sucks into learning new strategies and platforms and praying it all connects. 
  • You’re ready to co-create an easy system with plenty of side by side help to get clients to come knockin at your door.
  • You crave for the chance to serve hundreds and thousands of ideal clients without being glued to your laptop 24/7. 
  • You dream of being able to take time off to hang out with the kids, holiday with your partner or simply soak in the bathtub without losing out on your income. 
  • You are ready to go full speed ahead, no excuses, no dragging your feet. You know it’s time and the time is RIGHT NOW.

How the 1-on-1 Partnership Works...

Inside of the pillars of MAGIC are the following key ingredients that we will work on together...


Through questions and collaboration, we will create a custom, full scale marketing plan using proven online marketing strategies tailored for your strengths and your biz so you get lots of leads.


We will work with the current systems you have (or we can discuss what you need to get you up and running) to keep everything functioning, streamlined, and easy to replicate.


We'll make sure you know that sales just means making really great connections with your ideal client so that they see it's a win-win for them and you (AKA sales is NOT sleazy).

State of Mind

We'll make sure your beautiful, brilliant, brain isn't hanging onto any limiting beliefs that's blocking you from creating your dream biz and getting you all the clients you want.

Success and Analysis

We will continuously review and check your stats ninja style so that adjustments are made fast when needed to ensure your ultimate success.

By the end of your VIP Tech Express Concierge Program, you will...

  • Be fully setup online with a successful and easy to repeat funnel (client journey) to keep attracting and signing up your ideal clients
  • Know that your tech and systems are rock solid and do exactly what you want them to do
  • Become confident in making connections so that you close more sales
  • Have the time and freedom to do more of what you love – serving your clients and living your best life

1-on-1 Support Starts at $1500


Let's make this super simple so you can decide today...

  • Would you rather spend $2000 on a course that “teaches” you how to get yourself up and running online but offers minimal support, no done for you services and no guarantees?
  • Or would you prefer to work 1-on-1 with someone who will hold your hand throughout the process and get all the tech done right for you?
  • Would you rather spend hours and weeks searching YouTube and Google and taking a bunch of free courses to learn how to do things?
  • Or would you prefer to focus on your services and making a huge impact working with your clients, while knowing all the implementation will be taken care of?
  • Would you rather have a limited amount of clients and money because you’re too busy doing all the things?
  • Or would you prefer to get expert strategies implemented for you so you make more money and get more clients?

1-on-1 Support Starts at $1500


Heya there!

I’m Pam Langord, founder of Ridgetop Virtual Solutions, chief marketing maven at building and implementing all pieces of your funnel in an easy to understand way, and your new best friend, but that’s not all (cue Ginzu knife infocommercials)…  

I’m your strategist extraordinaire. I can see the big picture AND know where and how all those puzzle pieces connect so you can see the sales roll in. Plus, I know my way around lead generation and can get you massive leads like magic. 

I’m your tech unicorn and maybe your tech fairy and wizard (they’re kind of the same thing, right?).   

Then there’s the systems guru (pretty natural extension of being the organizer of ALL things in the tech world). 

Lest I forget that I’ll be doing my best Will Ferrell and Cherie O’Terie impressions cheering you on through all the ups and downs of getting s*it done. 

Basically, I’m your right-hand-gal with a heavy dose of magic slash your organized and detailed brain. Let’s get it done. 

That’s my thing. We all have our thing (or things), right? 

After all, it is a best friend who’ll tell you that she’s got your back, that she’s happy being your backup singer to your solo act and that she’ll take care of the pesky strategy details so you can show your sparkliest self and serve your people. 

Yes, I’m your soul {strategy} sister and I’m the behind-the-scenes Buddha for tons of coaches and consultants, like you. I take over your lead generation, marketing strategy, email lists, social media strategies, inboxes and, of course, the funnel for your product or program so you can do what you best do – change lives, transform the world and enjoy your freedom.  

1-on-1 Support Starts at $XXXX