How The Heck Do You Pick The Right Marketing And Sales Tool For Your Biz??

You know that you need platforms and marketing tools to get and keep your business running online, but with so many awesome choices out there, you may be scratching your pretty little head not knowing which ones to scoop up for you. 

Or maybe you’re a little like Goldilocks trying to find the platform that is juuuuuust right. With SOOOOOO many shiny objects out there, it is easy to get distracted and caught up in the hoopla of “get this”, “you’ve gotta have this one”. It’s enough to make your brain spin out.  

Whether you’ve researched a bunch of platforms to compare or you’re just starting to research, you need an easy and foolproof way to make the best decision that’ll save you tons of time and money (not to mention your precious sanity! “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”). 

I’ve made it easy for you to get out of analysis paralysis and to keep you from going down wayyyyy too may rabbit holes… 

Pick Your (Pretty Close To) Perfect Platform

Take this quiz now to assess a potential platform so you can figure out once and for all if it is a good fit for you and your biz (and once you’re done, you’ll get access to the entire Marketing Matrix so you can compare more platforms head to head).