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How Coaches Can Skyrocket Success with a Blog

  • By Pam Langord

“Paaaammm, don’t make me blogggg!”

If I had a dollar for every time a client said this to me, let’s just say, I would be very, very rich indeed, kicking back my heels and drinking margaritas with those twirly little umbrellas on a white, sandy beach.

I don’t blame them, y’see.

Blogging for business can be quite the Catch-22 for a coach whose purpose in life is to support, share, encourage, empower with ease and intention. Not all woo-woo but pretty flowy, don’t you think?

Blogging to get more business sounds stressful, challenging, another to-do!

I don’t blame my clients for resisting the need to blog with all the might of Hulk meets Captain America!

But here’s the thing, chica… blogging is one of the easiest and best ways to build your coaching business and give it superhero powers as well. Sidenote: Can you sense I’m on a superhero role here?

Anyway, coming back to the point… blogging for business helps you establish credibility, strengthen the trust you’re creating and reach a newer audience, and share your wisdom with them.

Feeling good? Read on!

How Blogging for Business Benefits Coaches like Cool Costumes Benefit Superheroes

1. Blogging helps you fly to the far corners of the Internet with ease: Imagine blogging is Superman’s cape for you, giving you the power to reach audiences far and wide… That’s exactly what blogging does.

Not only do you reach folks who know about you, but you also reach those who don’t know about you, and that, my friend, is just what you need!

2. Blogging gives you personality: What would Spidey be without his costume? Yeah, I know.

Blogging gives you personality.

Being online means your words are your voice and if you blog, you can let your voice speak loud and proud. As a coach, establishing a connection with your clients is key and blogging is a great way to do that by sharing your raw, vulnerable, messy self as well as your confident, professional, wise side too!

3. Blogging makes you noticeable in a crowded niche: There are millions of coaches out there. Why should someone choose you?

Blogging makes that decision easy by giving you an easy-to-recognize-and-trust presence.

Your words begin to comfort, reassure, and support. Your blogging voice becomes familiar like that of a trusted friend.

Your posts help you stand out in a crowded niche, just like costumes help superheroes stand out, be unique, one-of-a-kind!

There you go… if you’ve been on the fence about blogging, it’s time to shrug off that resistance and instead, don the cape or suit and step into claiming your superhero powers, m’friend!

What is it about blogging for business that’s holding you back? Share with me in the comments and let’s smash those blocks, a la Hulk!