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eCourse Creation 101: 5 Insanely Simple, Incredibly Profitable Ways to Use What You Already Know

  • By Pam Langord

The other day I was on Google running a few random searches (y’know…business research and all that) and I came across a complete site dedicated to… wait for it…

eCourses for Dogs.


Now my girls are gorgeous and I love them to bits. Being the good dog mom I am, I only want the very best for them, so I can totally see how an eCourse on stretching exercises would help them.

And here’s the best part…

I don’t have to drag them to a class where they’ll have to deal with other dogs… I can help them get fitter from the comfort of my home. Right?

But wait….. there’s more…

This fantastic sounding eCourse on fitness and stretching exercises for my fur babies is a sweet $200. So, someone’s making some serious ka-ching ka-ching with these eCourses, don’t you think?

Point of this story being… if you know something, anything… you can share it with the world and earn a living.

Yes, that, my li’l buttercup, is the power of the internet.

It shrinks the world and lets you be brilliant and share your wisdom with everyone who needs it without you leaving your comfy couch. You bring your unique genius to the world still wearing your pajamas.

How awesome is that?!

You know what’s even awesomer (totes made up that word!)?

The fact that today I’m going to show you 5 disturbingly simple ways to use what you know and bring in the big bucks with complete ease.

5 Unbeatable Ways to Use What You Know and Make a Mint

1. Whip together an eCourse audience in one tidy swoop.

It is usually perfect for topics that need to be split up into different modules to make them easier to learn and apply.

Example: Photography for Beginners is a topic that can be split up into multiple modules dedicated to choosing a camera, getting started, taking photos indoors, and so on.

2. Create a Recorded Masterclass

This is great if you have a topic that can be taught in a single 2-hour sitting.

For instance, if I go with the same example as above, you can do a 2-hour masterclass on Mastering the Art of Indoor Photography Using Your Smartphone Camera and teach how to photograph people, objects, take selfies!

3. Hold an Online Workshop

Another brilliant way to share your expertise on a topic, an online workshop is perfect if you have a subject that requires participants to actively engage in discussion or exercises too.

Using the same photography subject example, you can create an online workshop on Understanding Your DSLR and share a workbook or a set of worksheets with your participants so they can make notes while listening to your sessions.

4. Write an eBook

eBooks are great if you want to skip the video and interaction bit.

All you need to do is structure your eBook in a way that makes it super simple to apply and use and then, share it as a PDF or upload it to Amazon for Kindle readers.

They’re also the quickest to whip up!

5. Host a Paid Live Webinar

Finally, this one is a bit like a masterclass, except people need to show up LIVE for it and can ask questions, engage in discussions and of course, get the recording to keep for later.

This is just the tip of the knowledge-sharing iceberg. There are SO many ways you can share what you know, it would boggle your human brain.

The best part about all of these “methods” is that you can either use them as-is OR mix-and-match them to create a hybrid model.

That’s right.

Endless money-making options are awaiting your expertise.

Question is what are YOU waiting for?