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8 Ways to Avoid Blogger’s Block

  • By Pam Langord

When you blog regularly, sometimes, you ran out of topics to share or you experience the so-called “blogger’s block”. I personally don’t believe it really happens so I dig a little deeper as to why most writers say that and I’ve come up with a couple of suggestions.

By knowing the reason lying behind “ blogger’s block”, we as writers can find ways to avoid them and a solution if that happens


1. Lack of Sleep – most writers write during wee hours when everybody is sleeping and the environment is quiet. So most of the time, bloggers don’t get quality sleep. In order to be able to find the ideas free-flowing, I suggest enough rest and try to set a routine as much as possible. We’re creatures of habit and if we’re used to sleeping early, our body can adapt to it.


2. Too much workload – when we’re all weary and often cramming for time because of work overload, it affects the flow of ideas in our brain. We can only do so much and if we try to give our brain more work than it can handle, we also suffer. Try to balance work and leisure to give our brain a little rest and recreation. You’ll feel the fresh gush of ideas and words seem to be floating on your head after.


3. Hunger – never ever work when you’re hungry. Just like a machine, our brain needs food and can hardly function well when undernourished. As a writer, we often feel hungry and we need to feed. Proteins are our brain’s best friend so get more protein-rich foods. Refrain from junk foods and give yourself a healthy meal every time and you’ll see what difference can it make.


4. Lack of exercise and recreation – recreation and exercise are the two things that may go separately but may be best if you do them together. As the body will need “FUN”, it also needs “SWEATING” activities on a regular basis. It doesn’t only burn fats but it gives us a healthy lifestyle, too.


5. Thinking of something else – when our mind is thinking of something else, most probably, we can’t think of another! Imagine when you’re heartbroken and feeling so sad, it’s hard to write happy thoughts or may really be impossible for some! Same as when you’re on a date and thinking of someone else. It’s hard to concentrate, right? You have to set a time for yourself and for your blogs separately. When it’s time to write, just think of what you’re writing and nothing else. Or no one else, I guess? 🙂


6. Pressured – what are the things that pressure someone? Problems? Deadlines? A nagging partner? A family problem? Whatever that might be when you sit in front of your computer to write, leave all things behind. The best way to do that is to watch a short motivational video on Youtube or read a couple of good quotes. These will keep your mind off of things and help you find the inspiration and focus you need.


7. Not happy at work (for whatever reason) – sometimes, we have hang-ups or complaints about work or life. It just happens and it’s inevitable. There are times that we can do something about it and there are times that we can’t. when that time comes, just sit back, close your eyes, make a lot of deep breathes and sip your favorite drink (in my case, it’s iced-coffee), then say a short prayer.

If you can talk to someone, vent. If you can’t, write it down or blog about it. Just don’t make any decisions while you’re not in the best mood. Feelings cloud our ability to decide and most especially, to work.

If you’re still feeling bad, go out and do what pleases you. If you want to clean up the whole house, do it. If you want to watch a movie, go! If you want to play with your dog or just play with your kids (if any), do it. It’ll make you feel better and it will remind you of your purpose. Look at your vision board and say. “I can do it!”


8. Not interested in your topic – make it interesting! I just advised someone today that if you’re not inspired, find your inspiration. Same thing with interest. Find something that will make that topic interesting. It’s only when you did, that you’ll be able to make a good copy.

I’ve written all the suggestions I can think of to avoid writer’s block and that’s also the same reason why I don’t believe it myself because I know that we can always do something about it. For every problem, there’s always a solution. If there isn’t, why waste your time sulking? 🙂